Tuesday, April 10, 2007


across canned rifle ovaries near yer mother's swine.

oh really? does everyone refute?
like in no estuary.
viable eggs rarely seek Easter.
mitts on Visa enter malls entangled, not twined.
bashed red earthworms always tote humbuckers.

on red dogs errors ride,
lined in notebook's edge.
vestiges edge 'round Siskiyou's entrails.
meek old violins effervesce my e-mailed norse torso.
big red entertainment attacks Turkish housing.

organs ramblings derive extrusive retard
limiting in night elements
vandalize easy Rembrandt sizing elephants
most overly volatile ess's move endlessly naming tines.
boldly red Easter acting tough honky.

on rye, defending Edgar's raven
like in night echoes.
variable etchings sink elbow
meat. over valley Etnies Mike enters "Naughty Tent."
Big Red enables astronauts to hump.

O! red doggies emit Roca
lines - intact, not exfoliated -
varying except regarding saints' ears.
My old, very evolved masonry exited newly toweled.
Bryan, redcoats eat ants' trolly hocks.


jess said...

ha, i get it. nice.

K. Silem Mohammad said...


You're missing a word that begins with A in the last line of your first verse. "Always" would work....

Bryan said...