Monday, April 16, 2007


and majority elopes. riffs in constitutional authority
above marigolden entrances reduce iconoclasts' currency. about
a million energetic reflections ice cake and
a mystery emerges. ride it, cowboy. alcoholics
anonymous meetings encourage radical Islam. can an
army molest everyone's ratings? i c action
and movement. Ernesto refused immigration candy. applause!

Andrew's match ended racial itch cream. as
a man enjoys rebounding, i can appreciate
another mother. empty recycling in Canada's aboot.
arrows mark easier routes. if congress assures
Appalachian machines, emergency rooms imply catastrophe. albacore
abhor misogyny, especially really insincere citizens. Aryan
acolytes multiply eulogies riding incandescent cats around.

Arctos moves easy, relishes indigo children. amazing
armed men's experiments really inconvenienced cold America.


shannon said...

Bryan, I've been enjoying reading these and this one feels so different from the acronym poems that come from people's names (I like those too!). I think it helps me to read it and see how you play with the line breaks and stuff more.

///MR YORK\\\ said...

It feels that the ones with people's names are stronger. The "America" poem is lacking something. I just can't put my finger on it. I'll get back to you.

Ducky said...

i like the rhythm in "America" more then the name poems. i think it might be the greater number of sounds contained in the seed word. at the same time, i like the content of the name poems more, they have a greater and more cohesive immediacy. but again, that's probably coming from the nature of the seed.

Bryan said...

thank you guys for talking about this poem. a longer, revised version is on its way.