Sunday, April 22, 2007

America, revised.


and majority elopes. riffs in constitutional authority
above marigolden entrances reduce iconoclasts' currency. about
a million energetic reflections ice cake and
a mystery emerges. ride it, cowboy. alcoholics
anonymous meetings encourage radical Islam. can an
army molest everyone's ratings? i c action
and movement. Ernesto refused immigration candy. applause!

Andrew's match ended racial itch cream. as
a man enjoys rebounding, i can appreciate
another mother. empty recycling in Canada's aboot.
arrows mark easier routes. if congress assures
Appalachian machines, emergency rooms imply catastrophe. albacore
abhor misogyny, especially really insincere citizens. Aryan
acolytes multiply eulogies riding incandescent cats around.

Arctos moves easy, relishes indigo children. amazing
armed men's experiments really inconvenienced cold America.
A-Rod's mom enjoys rich imperialists. canned Armani
adapters melt Exxon. reason is 'cause an
anti me evaded right in California Annie's
ambidextrous milkshake. even righteous Icabod's above
average mask evens ringleaders. i could afford

another malted ectoplasm. rejoice, iodined cadavers! another
abashed Maltese endive relocates. isotopes collect aproned
abolitionists. maladroit enormous rats interlope circa Anglophobes.
angora militias entice referendums in capes. asterisk
asterisks. multiple erogenous regions improve crawfish attainment.
actually, many ethereal rogues indent crockery. anthropocentric
architects may encourage retail in Chevrons. acute

Asperger's might edge Ritalin's ingredients. can abnormal
addition manipulate E! real icons? can African
American men enter ripples? it closes and
atrophies. mighty efforts recede. it closes and
atrophies. mastery echoes reality. it closes and
atrophies. malaise embarks repression. it closes and
atrophies. makers end regally. it closes absolute.


Ducky said...
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Ducky said...

i like the way the poem found a form.