Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More Acronyms

Okay, so in class today I read a few of these and Kasey looked very confused, but you should be able to figure out what I was doing if you read a few. When I wrote these, I was mindful of the limitations I imposed on myself (i.e. how many words can I think of that start with "M", and the grammatical limitations imposed by the order of the letters) and also mindful of the connotations the words had and how those sparked other words/emotions/connections. At first, I used any word I saw, for example "input" or "sideways." Then I moved on to words that corresponded to a deeper, or more complex connection. I started using the names of close friends and, as you might expect, the words and phrases I used started to correspond to events in the person's life or character traits the person exhibits. Basically, it's just an experiment in the way I associate words with familiar people. I intend to try the experiment with other proper nouns and the names of family members. If you have any ideas on how I could continue to refine this process or comments on what I'm doing, please let me know. Also, it's very addictive. I highly recommend trying it out.


meet effiminate Legos in slanted, silky areas.
Missy, every leaf is singing. something about
"my Elizabethan lipstick." i sing songs around
midnight. eliptical linguine, i suppose, surrounds all.
Mr. Edwards lied. indefinite secret sauce agitates
midgets, even. living in someone's "special" abode
must eventually let it stew. 'specially around
monthly "errors." like it's steadily surging against
murder... eek! look, it's some sauced asshole
merging. luckily it survived. sometimes all
mortals end life if something stupid arrives.


c'mon, one liners linger in nearby
colostomy ovens. labias lift infinite nerds.
cagefighters only love life if no
Cajuns obscure loftier lips. in no
circumstance of living leave in numbers.
copy other losers like i never
can. oh! let lepers indulge neatly,
Collin. objects (lighter lichen) impinge nastily.
cajolery offers lap licking imps. now
come on Lord, listen in nightly.


really? you are now
riding young ass. nobody
repels Yule ants. nifty
rack, young'n. already neckin'
round yonder. about nine
redheads, yep. all nearing
ripe. you are not
reflecting. yikes! adders near.


Christian said...

Could you explain further what "words that corresponded to a deeper, or more complex connection," means? I get it with your social or emotional connections part. How about things that rely on each other exclusively? Like mechanical parts to a machine, or organs or oxygen pathways? Corndog ingredients? That might turn the random vocabulary into intermittent connections.

Bryan said...

When I said "deeper, or more complex" I think I meant that I took into account my relationship with the person and their "position" in relation to me.

The machine parts/organs/etc. could be interesting. Are you saying that the fact that something like your spleen has a very specific vocabulary that accompanies it would change the experiment? Also, what do you mean by "intermittent connections?"

I'm interested in trying this out. Thank you for commenting.

Alex said...

you're like the mad scientist of acronyms now.

i really like ryan''s just how it sounds the next morning when we would see those girls leave his room. you are a true. acrynaught

///MR YORK\\\ said...

"labias lift infinite nerds." ~Perfect.

K. Silem Mohammad said...

I wasn't that confused.

These are great.

///MR YORK\\\ said...

Well, clearly you couldn't see your reaction Kasey.