Tuesday, April 10, 2007

more adventures in acronyms, more to come. this shit is too fun.


intrinsic nosy people use tongs.
i netted pigeons under trucks.
impossible? not pills, uber-tinny
itches nail post-uncle tom
in no part undone. tastes
in napes, pardon, unicorn taint.
it never posited underwater titty
images. nice pants, under taker.


try using lipo, injust policeman.
take uniform's lapel, identify, place
ten ushers' lips instead. poke
Ted usually like it's party
time. understand, Laura, i prayed
to ur lap. i paid
ten uvulas! listen, India, please
take up little ideas, please.


a racial gag u meant? entertain new tides?
after raspy, gnarly underwear mime edgier night time,
asps realize gays undermine majorly exotic new testament
asteroids. rap grasps under my exoskeleton. now tell
a rebel, Ghana, us men enter Nietzsche's tub.


said, "i don't even want a yard, sister."
she is deciding edgewise whether a year's sufficient.
Sid is dead. everyone wishes all your senses
slipped down Edna's washboard. another yapping Siamese
scoffed idle depths even when addresses yearned, sometimes.
salad inducers decide elders' weights. as you said,
"son, if dapper, eloquent women attack, you scream."


another leg ends, x-posed
at leering eyes. x-ample:
aspen leeches. errored x-rays
around lipids, entrails, x-girlfriends'
asses. like endowed x-games,
Alex leaps erratically x'd.


kelp ensues. greet a naval
karate elf, gain a name.
kitschy eros gulping ass, not
kibbles eatin' grain, argh! now
kill either ghost and nap.


horse ants nearing super
human. attack! now suppose
Hummers arrive neatly. sit
here and, not sleeping,
hand a nipple slip.


Mike, i know every
molecule in knife's edge.
my intuition keeps e-content
manageable. it's kinda entered
Megan's intestines. ka-ching, exciting
marbles! is kabob everything?
maybe. i'll Kafka-fy enough.


maybe every guy around never
met equal girls. allow night
movement. go and nag
multimillionaires entrapping giggly anonymous nobodies.
mayhem equals gobbledygook and negativity.
messy eggheads gon' ate nuts.
mother, even God answers namby-pamby.


Ducky said...

I like these.

There was an essay I read not long ago that played with acronyms, or was it, what are those things called that you make out of peoples names. The essay was by Gregory Ulmer I think. I found it in a cool book called The Anti-Aesthetic. I just ordered it again on summit so I'll let you know if it seems relevant when I get it.

Alex said...

you weren't fucking around with these acronyms are you.

i like mine the best.

Mike Young said...

These win everything in the universe.

I like MINE the best.

Bryan said...

i'm glad you all like the poems. mollie: yes, please let me know how the book is. it sounds interesting.