Sunday, April 15, 2007

More More More Acronyms


Kuwait's evenly lined soil echoes youth.
kipper endures late sun. even your
keen elk love spying. ethereal yo-yos,
kites, eels, love sparingly. eyes yearn.
kitty encourages Letterman's sexuality. ergo, Yom
Kippur's elusive love story. espionage yelps
"komrade, eat lard soup!" entrails, yes,
know enough love salsa. eight yachts
keeled everyone. like Starbucks' entangled yodel.


kidding around reduces eagles. no
ketchup allows rowdy entourages. "napping
krauts arrested." rare endangered Norwegian
keef astounds rednecks. even nests
keep Angela roped. Eagle's Nest,
Karen, actually relaxes. enough nonsense.


just enough secret sauce,
joven. Einstein's sex simulation
jogs end soon. so
jot enough soluble Spongebobs.
Jess' entire system supercedes
jovial eMedicine. simple, syphilitic
joy. entry supposedly says
"jobbers: enter sideways!" sexy
jalopies empower superintendent spasms.
jutting, enormous stalagmite sperm.


Arco's mad acoustics nullify dumb ants
and man, angels notice. diversification applies
annuities, mother. a nudist displays anal
art. mountains asked Nefertiti, "do ah
amount?" majestic Adirondack nectar dicks around.
a martini a night. dorky actors
around my asthma need Dayquil. anyway,
America moved, and Nevada drove away.


well, old Orson developed yr
wilderness. or osmosis did. you
would own orchards down yonder.
will open, old, dead Yasser
whip our odd ducks? yessir.
wistful oligarchies own dozers.
wee ovals offer destiny, yeah?


Mike Young said...

I like how Woody's last line is an ode to his virginity.

What? Somebody had to say it.

Besides, the holy tangle of salt and flesh is never crude.

Bryan said...


jess said...

yay! i got one!

i love that my "entire system supercedes jovial eMedicine." that is true, though i can't verify the rest of it :)