Monday, May 7, 2007

2 poems


cancelled: a little information fone. or recalled: Nautica's Iliad apparel.
capillaries advance like Iggy's figurine. ordinary radar nights in Armenia.
c'mon along, lousy identity. for over rebar nods itenerary applicants.
cable adjusts life in former Oroville roses. niceties, instead, add
centuries and longevity. i fought off reds. noise is arising
calmly above lowrider island. fools! oh Rastafarian neighbors, i ask
ceaselessly! always laughing in formation. Okkervil River notes in air.
cool air. lighter in fall. or rigidity near Indio. always
Coke. always looped in fourths. opera red niches ice ankles.
coriander adjuncts, like in front, order regalia. normative independent Applebee's
close abysses. laughing in freestyle, only real nacho imitations. aftertaste.


Mike Young said...

I like the first piece a lot, but why did you make it a JPG? You could've just used a < pre > tag.



Bryan said...

i wanted the font. plus it looks cooler big.

jess said...

yeah, i really like the font. and i liked seeing the whole shape of it before reading.