Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Meager Excuse Post

I will have posts on the following soon:

-Problems with "flow" (complete with diagram and a chart of flow vs. time)

I am trying to keep up, but it's hard. I was working full time at the J-Pub, but I gave my 2 week notice last Saturday, so I only have a week of that left. Trying to work that much (it was nearing 40 hours a week) and go to school full time is not possible. Especially when I have: all the poetics essays to read/respond to, a Toni Morrison novel a week, a 10 page paper on a book I just finished today, revisions to the stories I'm using for my capstone, 20 poems to write for class, graduation anxiety, past due credit card bills, and a story to work on for my writing and conference class with Craig.

I'm sure I'm missing something.

Sorry for complaining.


jess said...

i was doubtful earlier this week, but i'm pretty sure we're going to make it :)

Karen said...

you'll make it. take a shot.