Tuesday, July 31, 2007

bright eyes + sean hannity

i was listening to sean hannity on the radio yesterday because i felt like being pissed off and they used the beginning of the bright eyes song "four winds" as one of those music segues they have between commercials and lies (where one starts and one stops, who knows.) but anyway, #1 why did they use that song (it's fairly anti-war in iraq) and #2 can they legally do it? can someone please tell connor oberst that someone who insists on dividing our country is using his music in the process?


Josh said...

Hey I did the same thing just afew days ago and wondered if anyone had noticed. I suppose I might e-mail saddle creek records and ask them what the deal is. I find it highly unlikely that they would allow hannity to use the four winds. Especially after conor refused to show up at a scheduled concert because it was being sponsored by clear channel.

Bryan Coffelt said...

Wow, they've been using it since 2007 w/o anyone saying anything?

Josh said...

I just e-mailed saddle creek and the sean hannity show to ask them whats up. I'll post what they say once they've replied. I didn't think to check that your post was from 2007 lol. I thought you had heard the same show as me but apparently not.