Thursday, September 6, 2007


I woke up yesterday morning and had my usual breakfast of coffee, Tums and ibuprofen and then started putting a new roof on my parents house. I even swept their chimney. This should have been my first warning that I am not, nor will I ever be a hipster.

Alex and I embarked on our journey this morning to Portland to see a lot of bands.

The night before Alex said, "I'd like to be out of here around 9." I told him that I would be at the apt. at 8:30. I got there at 8:50 and felt a little bad because I expected him to be up and around. I found him in bed still because he thought I would be his alarm. He took Percocet and Valium the night before so he was sleepy. :(

He got packed and I started writing this and then my neighbor asked for a jump start. Alex didn't have any clean clothes but he found some that were "fine."

We decided that we would 1.) Go to Safeway and get his check 2.) Mail his rent check (it was late already) and 3.) Pay the electricity bill.

His Safeway check was not very much so it left him with $60 for the weekend and the wristband for the shows was $40.

An ATM ate his card because he is forgetful but I still love him. I hit him on the nose with a rolled up magazine. Lovingly, though.

As we pulled out of the bank parking lot he told me, "I only have one pair of underwear. The one I'm wearing." So we went back to the apt. and he grabbed some that I voiced were "questionable" and he said they were fine.

"You just have to throw them in the closet for like two weeks and forget about them and then when you find them again it's like they're clean."

So we got going. Well, first I treated him to some Taco Bell. Then we drove for a long time and pissed and shit along the way. And we also got lots of Red Bulls.

When we got to Portland Alex was getting directions from Marisa and trying to translate them into directions for me. There was a lot of, "I totally know where we are." And I started to freak out because I am a hick from a mill town and I don't know how to drive in the city. There was a lot of, "JUST GET OVER!! HE'S LETTING YOU!! DON'T BE A PUSSY!!" And then we went to the wrong side of the river first and then we went back across the river to where Marisa was and got wrist bracelets for Music Fest. Then we walked to Subway to piss. No one was making sandwiches. They were all outside smoking cigarettes.

Then we went to the Cat Power show and stood in line and we weren't early enough so it sold out. There were many hipsters lined up waiting to see Chan Marshall. The girls were skinny and had the same bangs that Chan Marshall has. Then, after not seeing a show, we came to Marisa's and got beer at Safeway and now that's where we are. I am drinking beer and I feel content because we are seeing Viva Voce and Spoon tonight. I am happy. I don't have Tums or ibuprofen so I don't know what breakfast will be like tomorrow.

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jess said...

awww...sounds fun and just about right so far. boo for no Cat Power.

give that smelly boy a kiss for me.