Friday, September 7, 2007


I woke up this morning early with my ears ringing like a mother fucker. I woke up early and I went to pump money into the meter and I got a $60 parking ticket. I parked in a "carpool parking" spot. Who the fuck cares if you are parking and carpooling. I understand fucking carpool lanes but fuck the carpool parking.

Then I walked around and drank some coffee and called my lady. Then I met with Alex and Marisa.

Anyway. Last night Spoon was fucking good. Viva Voce rocked my ass. Black Joe Lewis started shit off right.

Here are pictures of Spoon and Viva Voce:

This is what we did today and tonight:

We saw Deerhunter and Grizzly Bear and then headed over to the Crystal to catch Rilo Kiley. We had to sit through some pretty crappy openers but Rilo Kiley played a good show. Alex and I got stuck seeing the show around the most annoying tranny and her boyfriend that I'd ever seen. Wouldn't have cared except the tranny was obnoxious and stomping on Alex's feet, etc. Wanted to chop off said tranny's arm because s(he) kept raising it in the air at stupid and inappropriate moments. There were also a lot of fat 13 year olds around us and the tranny. I started to get irritated and I think I have a cold.

Good parts of the day:

-Walking around with Marisa and Alex and making fun of shit.
-GRIZZLY BEAR WAS AMAZING. They are good musicians.
-Going to Powell's.
-Buying cool stuff.
-Spending money.

Bad parts of the day:

-Obnoxious trannies.
-Hurting feet.
-Starting to get a cold.

Fuzzy Rilo Kiley pictures: (Okay, they're just Jenny Lewis. She is beautiful.)

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