Saturday, September 8, 2007


I started to get a cold the second day we were here and it finally settled into my sinuses on Saturday. We hung out with Hans and Casey and got cheap pizza and PBRs at Rocco's. Then we came back here and laid around for a while. Then Alex and I reluctantly wandered down to Ghostface Killah because we knew we'd regret not going. Some hardcore band called The Bronx opened. They were loud and screamy. Not my thing. But Ghostface was fucking COOL. I believe I heard him say something about a new Wu Tang joint next year (minus ODB).

After Ghostface Alex and I came back to Marisa's and drank some beers with Marisa and her friend Allison. Then Alex, Marisa and I went to see The Thermals at the Crystal. We missed 2 of the openers for Ghostface but we got to see comedian Eugene Mirman who was hilarious. Then some asshole fuck in the balcony started yelling "Less Talk, More Rock" which sounds like a slogan from a cock rock radio station. I was getting pissed at the crowd but I was excited to see The Thermals so I held my head up. Then the Dayquil I took before the show started to kick in and I started to get a little crazy and bored. The Helio Sequence came on and I found out what they sound like. (Bad.) I started writing obscene things on a sticky note pad that I got for free at the show and throwing them on the floor. I tried to get through the whole notepad but I didn't. Marisa and I left during The Helio Sequence and went to a music store and looked at vinyls and talked shit about things. We got back just in time to see The Helio Sequence get off the stage. By that time it was 12am and The Thermals went on. People started chanting "Portland." We were getting angry. Yes, they are a Portland band. Yes, we are in Portland.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE The Thermals. They are cool as shit. Their Portland fans suck fucking ass though. There was a creepy ass super-fan in the front row wearing a They Might be Giants t-shirt. He was creeping us out because he was eye-fucking the bass player. There was a mosh pit to the right of us that kept getting bigger. It was dumb. People were crowd surfing. They ruined a perfectly good show. This is what happens when you have other shows that the 21+ crowd can go to instead. The under 21 venues get filled with dumb people. Fuck.

Here are pictures:


The Thermals


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