Monday, September 10, 2007


I felt like SHIT today. Alex and I woke up and walked around by Pioneer Square until around 2pm. We went into all the rich stores like Nordstrom and Saks and Alex basically broke an R2D2 in Sharper Image. He told it to "go on patrol." Alex's voice was angelic when he talked to R2. I wish someone else would talk to me that gently.

Then we just sat in Pioneer Square and tried to watch people but it was a very slow day for people watching. I washed down some Dayquil with Starbucks and sat blowing my nose a lot. I drew some dumb things. I called Kelsey. We walked back to Marisa's and had pizza with Allison at Hot Lips. We started drinking beer. I got kinda drunk by around 6:30 and decided to wear my Space Academy shorts to the show.

Alex had to piss really bad when we were in line and we were in front of a homeless shelter. A man kept introducing us to a lady he claimed was Betty Davis. Alex was like, "I'm gonna piss in there." He was going to take Genevieve but I went instead. (Wingman style) They probably don't get asked to use their restroom by 2 middle-class white kids very often so they said yes. Turns out it was not only a homeless shelter but probably also a methadone clinic. I stood outside the bathroom awkwardly while everyone waited in line to get their pills. Then we got the fuck out of there and I felt a little sad and depressed for a little while until the show started. Swim Swam Swum was disappointing. Everything they played sounded the same. The next band was Holy Fuck. Holy Fuck was the shit. I started to go nuts during that show and it warmed us all up for Wolf Parade. People were crowd surfing and we didn't even care. Alex let 2 people drop in front of him. No one crowd surfs over Alex.

Wolf Parade was fucking crazy. Everyone surged forward and we got caught in the middle of the mosh pit trying to protect our petite friend Genevieve. I was throwing elbows and screaming. It was amazing. I only lasted a little while before I started to feel like I had the flu and then I got water and watched the end of the show from a safer distance. They played new songs and old songs. They played everything we wanted to hear. When the show was over we went to Muchas Gracias in Vancouver, WA @ like 2 am. My body felt like it was going to tumble apart. It didn't. We went back and slept.


Steve said...

That sounds like a good day. It's been a while since I've had a good day.

Bryan said...

It was a good day. I felt sick though.