Tuesday, September 4, 2007

narwhal vs. manatee: who will win?

narwhals are sea unicorns

manatees are sea cows

they are both sad.
neither wins.


Alex said...

i don't know. i think the narwhale still wins. it has, like, a huge ass horn on the top of it's head. it's like if you and i fought, but you got a spear.

Annie said...

But I bet that manatee could negoitate terms without a violent fight, I mean, look at that face.
They'd make friends, and it wouldn't be sad at all. It would actually be very cute.

Ctrain said...

Look chumps. Manatees are the craziest freaks eva. They would use their magical skills to kill 50 narwhals at once. Narwhals would definitely win. It's obvious.