Thursday, November 8, 2007

nanowrimo update again

6,097 words.

trying to get to 10k by the 10th.

small excerpt:

"Hello?" I am calling Maddy from the hotel room. Poppy is getting ice.

"What do you think of houndstooth sex toys?" She is hanging up. She is probably waking up from a nap next to someone or maybe binging. Maybe taking a binge snooze. There are certain ways you are supposed to texture walls. If you do it wrong people will notice. You are not supposed to notice walls. Clean, innocuous walls.

I am having it my way. I call her back. This is no waxy pay phone.

"Do you feel good about the way you acted the other night?" She is hanging up. She is hung up. I used to wonder which one of my parents would die first and how the other would take it. I also think to myself how I can possibly make it to be old. How have I survived so far? How have I not killed myself in a car accident? How have I not accidentally broken my tether during a space walk?

Astronauts lose their footing falling. Roofers lose their footing and fall. Porn stars lose their stardom if they do not make a quota.

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