Sunday, December 16, 2007




Alex said...

these last two poems are amazing. if you don't start sending these out I AM GOING TO KILL YOU. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. YOU WILL DIE.

Michael said...

I'm with Alex, your poems are amazing but, as a pacifist, I'm going to have to let him kill you...

In response to your last query on my blog:

a.) Unfortunately I don't know of anyone who is hiring right now--but I will keep my ears open (be careful in the warehouse--if your co-workers find out you're listening to poetry at work or, alternately, that you actually write poetry, they'll likely kill you).

b.) I'd like to do some poetry stuff at the gallery in January (I'm thinking mid-month--we talked about maybe 3rd Thursday...I'm open to input from people as well...)

Happy Holidays!