Thursday, February 21, 2008

new poem

Foodie Rebellion

I had begun to crust over with sweetbreads
and foie gras but then I scarfed elk loaf.
An excavator scarfed elk loaf. These are
extremely well-educated middle-aged Maine
lobsters? These are news channel helicopters
throwing babies into traffic. Back to you
studs in the studio. Back to your Volvo wear.

They wear their faces like they're "slummin'it."
They throw improperly prepared blowfish meat
into the microwave and at each other in line at
Fleur de Lys. They have wireless nunchucks.
Can we just nuke blowfish? I need my fugu.

A Wikipedia list of the town’s “notable people.”
Sold out Wynton Marsalis concerts. Myriad
Rosemary rubbed Motorola RAZRS. Do these
Clarks come in butternut bisque? It is raining
coconut water.

Can fault lines swallow
the Dow Jones Industrial Average?
The excommunicated Michelin man
leads a counter attack on Saks Fifth Ave.
These are our remaining species.
These are the same people who
wear Che Guevara shirts because
it makes them look “urban.”


Genevieve said...

Che Guevara shirts make them look urban.

That is perfect. I like this.

Mike Young said...

Nicely done, sir.

"These are / extremely well-educated middle-aged Maine / lobsters?"

They've got -- swords?