Thursday, February 21, 2008

new poem

Wasabi Junction

The couple who had parked next to me needed a bottle opener and we became their three-woman bluegrass outfit. I said, ‘Look, you guys keep working, I’ll do everything I can to get us a shopping spree at whole foods.’ They picked me up and dropped me into a puddle of wasabi. Truthfully, I'm as excited at the prospect of seeing show-opener Kings of Leon as I am munching on a can opener, a thermos of soup or drink, water, a bottle opener, and packets of soy sauce.

My dad was fixing a garage door opener he got electrecuted and turned blue. I can’t control his Furikake addiction. Grab me viscerally like a can of tuna! What food related paraphernalia do you carry with you? The Pampered Chef Can Bottle "SHUT UP AND ROCK" Easy Opener? We can think of a zillion ways to use it. Nancy made the cute little Frankenstein can that holds a gift or treat.

Note this: "Kimchi is my higher power."

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