Sunday, April 20, 2008

napowrimo #10

Bittersweet Culinary Mommies

With the decline of manufacturing
many residents make a meager living off
one another’s misery. Looking for fellow
clothesline fans, I came across
a lawyer and 32-year-old clothesline activist.

"I'm newly pregnant and I really want to make
sure I'm eating arugula clothespins."

I discover George clooney's secrets of dating.
Clive Barnes, in The New York Post, called it
repetitive and self-congratulatory, with banal lyrics.

So, if you’re pregnant or considering pregnancy,
watercress is the ultimate weapon of courtship.
Her shaver is her secret vibrator - It’s good for
pregnant mommies to know they aren’t
alone and they aren’t some poor intern.

Heard of the fellowship of my pregnant-women-eating fish?
I am having an affair with your fluids.
Ashlee Simpson is pregnant with locally grown arugula.

If you want me to eat a bowl of my German friends
you’d have to pay me $10. I am so tired of the nude
pregnant shots of Pork Medallions.

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