Sunday, April 27, 2008

napowrimo #13

Steampunk Maryland Colostomy Bag Acid Wash Lord's Day

Steampunk Maryland colostomy bag acid wash Lord's day.
The old eat the old birds. The old man carrying along
with brown slacks. The radio station blowing up Freddy
Krueger. Oh problem, oh art. Dreddy dred. Siggy Freud.

Figgy Newton. Elbow triceratops dynasty. Orange chicken
Charlie Chapman Ketonuric Diabetic Chinese Hamster. Yes,
Eating Wendy's Biggie Frosty. Yodeling "myenteric plexuses
of the small intestine indicated a love of Joy Division."

Ketamine Sodomy. Felt fucker signifying Icelandic body
wash. Nearby leggings traipse D'Addario caldron Yetis.
I dropped my beginnings near the Gatorade bucket you
poured over coach during the orgy. Red Ryder male
model ecstasy leader board. No one wears Pirate apparel.
Guillotine apparel. Say, do you crave cryogenics?


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Willie Z said...

Intense. A "non-stop thrill ride," you might say.