Monday, April 28, 2008

napowrimo #14


The flippant, "Dude, the universe is FUCKED
tonight, Adam." That's why I just bought $10
Wayfarer knockoffs. The walls are beaming at
me or maybe that's just the witch blood I
drank. Talking. Found out that your madre
tiene muchas Gonzagas, naw mean? Fa sho.

Crispin Glover deck shoes are now a million
dollars for just the left shoe. My clothes
actually look like censorship pixelation. It's
skin colored. Have you heard of the Free Masons?
Moon walking? JFK assassination? Free Masons?

I think we should put Dan Brown on the FI' DOLLA
BILL, you? Weren't you on the guest list? No
fair recordin' this shit. Do you fancy your Brooklyn
fuck dill chill Ziggy Stardust mime tennis? You
don't free lance moonwalk? SHIT! What am I fucking
here for then? I wish someone would have told me.

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