Monday, April 14, 2008

napowrimo #3

how hyperreal is a red wheelb...
oh, sorry. it's just that i am so saturated
today, with simple green.
hello, dawn, pleased to meet you via
videoconference. this is our aha! moment.
this is our web campaign.

what is a "hot buy" versus
a reiteration of the deal sheets?
this is end of life
or "opportunity" to resell
or refurb. you can have a
really great deal on "b" stock.
refurbs, but that doesn't
make it a "hot buy."

in that sense we've used
a "promotional" "catalog"
that stands on its own.
the behavior of
the reason to buy in staged quantities.

phase 2: essentially what we're doing
is using our system to monitor
your loneliness. that's gonna help
because if your heart churns through,
boom! we will know right away. between
january 31st and march 31st we
might have some things going on.

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Mike Young said...

bryan coffelt: poet laundrette of the videoconference