Friday, June 13, 2008

Sometimes I Look Squinched and Infamous

Vids from the West Wind Review (ed. Alex Burford) release party:

Jess Rowan and Willie Z reading their collab:

Jess reading another poem:

Me reading a story:

Us dancing: "To Little Wayne!"


west wind review night

Alex and Genevieve

west wind review night

Um, me.

west wind review night

Left to right: Me, Lacey, Jess.

west wind review night

west wind review night

west wind review night

Thank you Michael for letting us use the Bohemia art gallery!


Willie Ziebell said...

Aw, man! I missed the dancing and Li'l Wayne close reading.

I should've stuck around and gone to work looking all crinkly-eyed and reeking of wine.

Alex said...

yes you should've!

i feel like fuck today though.

Bryan Coffelt said...

willie - it's overrated.

alex - you texted me "I am soooooo fucking drunk." and "We are in park."