Monday, June 9, 2008

Why I Feel So Trapped Compared.

If I could make myself into something that could easily fly/navigate to New York/General East Coast area, I would. I wish I could catch myself in a scene and the scene would exert its power over my fear of death. These people would probably help, but who knows, maybe they are too frivolous to help me with finiteness. Maybe if I helped them, they would help me? I can bring them locally grown organic fruit from Oregon. My headphones are on but I just had a moment where I felt like there was nothing on my head.


Mike Young said...

of course i would help you silly

Bryan Coffelt said...

thank you.

i almost started mixing your song w/ the beverly hills cop theme song today.

well i actually did mix it a little bit and then i deleted it. i added some guitar to it and i think i will add subtle drums.

Kendra Grant Malone said...

what kind of help do you need, love?

Bryan Coffelt said...

i don't know. i was just feeling particularly bad and depressed last night.