Thursday, August 21, 2008

We Are Indestructible Switches

I can name the mind and body split
can map it down to the nano-
bracketed, wrapped up mess. The days,
the hazy days. The freedom that
we have now is because of that Kennedy-
Dogs, dimes, raisins don't
feel this way. The Zenith television
in the living- I trade it all for the bay. I
tiered the edges today- and approach is
wasting my life looking for the new heavies.
Feel out the production groups and the
editorial facets. Clean out, corners,
because you do not have the heart to
drag the tails of these lines. We draw to make
things separate. Diseases. Rebuke you, faker.
We come together when fuses blow and we
collapse over the old motherboard. You in your
bubble and me in my bubble. This is how
to scrape the sidewalk, you do it this way. Veins.
Look this up under "ringing." Looting cheap
architecture doesn't feel this way. Bogged down
veins. I barter for air on the spot. They claw
and fudge the numbers. Free Bird playing in
a weedy lot and air connects to it. They-
unknown showers- down at our feet. The
split is in my hand. The yellow one is for
video the white and red are for sound.
I trade it all- the crowded office. I get up
like I'm in a relay for life and then I get
upset. The headless come begging for dire-
mixed martial arts queens- killers. It's
enough money to start a war. I trade it.
The way my hands and arms and legs
are so much this unfinished wood. Chucky T,
you know, like the politician/fighter- like
swallow- Bribery for beauty at the mall.
Your half is covered in dirt and mine is
all right. Coasts. Indestructible remotes.