Sunday, August 17, 2008

What Is Wrong And What You Can Do To Fix It

I just recorded a new song called "What Is Wrong And What You Can Do To Fix It." You can listen to it here or on my myspace.

I think it is one of my more successful noise experiments. I used my washing machine, a snare drum, a hi hat, a guitar (that I played with a drum stick), a wine glass, and my voice. I didn't use any pedals or effects on any of the instruments. I used an echo effect on my voice.

Please leave comments or tell me to die and stop touching instruments or write anything you feel like writing in the comments.


Alex said...

this is really cool.

also, you should cut off your hand.

and buy me a tie-dye shirt that says, 'please cum here'

Genevieve said...

This really impressed me. you just did this in your apartment? That is amazing. I like it very much.

And for god's sake, will you please buy Alex a 'please cum here' t-shirt already? The man's waited long enough.

Bryan Coffelt said...

thank you both.

alex -- that is your christmas present.

genevieve -- yes, i recorded it at my apartment. as for the "cum here" t-shirt, that will have to wait for christmas.