Monday, September 8, 2008

Hyperconnected I

Hyperconnected I

The words to Public Enemy's Terminator X To The Edge of Panic
are in my eyes. The corrugated well spring is existing.
She has her laptop with her. I am enjoying married life.
Trying again on the sofa. Donovan's voice, Van Morrison's ideas.

Carefully considered. We will always gossip wen she
leaves. It's almost fall. My fingers are white. You will knock
my chin again. It's whale watching time.

I have hunkered down in my room. Primarily it's my fear of
astronauts and things that were made of earth that now
reside on Mars forever.

Honeycomb honeycomb honeycomb.
When I was a child I saw an Applebee's as a restaurant,
and not a symbol. I am going to take your extreme isolation
to the zoo. Then to the set of a situational comedy. She's been
working so hard; she deserves it.

The Mojave Desert and the d├ętournement and the milkshake
and Chuck Taylors. I'm about this close to doing something
upsetting. The Ivory Coast sucking on a willow branch to ease
the swelling.

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