Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bear and Boy Books "Parody" Rain Fade Video

According to one unnamed source, these guys are "hampshire students...essentially good hearted, they just don't have conventional feelings because they are spoiled and encouraged to be overly intellectual."

I was just saying yesterday that I trust people with beards and glasses, but I revoke that statement.

Plus, they claim to be more adorable and charismatic than Willie and I. And that's some motherfucking bullshit. It's on.


TTB said...

It's on huh?

TTB has been on for all time.
TTB is not a light switch.
TTB never turns off.

TTB would like to correct you on a few points.

1) Your unnamed source is going to get power bombed through a table.

2) TTB and TGB are FORMER hampshire students.

3) Where is your beard? Maybe lost in a place you will never go....called manhood?

4) Lack conventional feelings? Your damn right.

5) Because we are spoiled? Oh no. No you didn't.


TTB is damn mystic.

TTB said...

And dude.


for real?

we are professional wrestlers.

get your facts straight.

damn mystic.

fade out like the rain cloud.
ttb is truly todays best.
look it up.
its well documented.