Sunday, October 5, 2008

Really, Ron?

Ron Silliman in response to

"I might note that the last time I felt ripped off by an on-line stunt, I sued – as a lead plaintiff in a class-action case brought by the National Writers Union. And while I can’t discuss the suit, as a condition of the subsequent settlement, I will note that we could have gotten a pretty good major league middle infielder for the final amount. Play with other people’s reps at your own risk."

Really, Ron? Let's be clear: which major league infielder would you compare your work to? Dustin Pedroia? Julio Lugo?

To Whom It May Concern:

If your copyright issue does not result in serious injury but you still feel like suing, please go inflict one on yourself.

This country is riddled with stupid lawsuits. Copyright law can suck it, as far as I'm concerned.


Alex said...


What they did seemed kind of cool and then turned out to be really dumb. I'm pretty sure everyone thinks they're kind of lame now, at the least. Isn't that punishment enough? They didn't do anything cool or ruin anyone's reputation.

Ron Silliman is one the many people contributing the degradation of our justice system. How does he see himself as a hero?

Bryan Coffelt said...

I thought it was just kind of a funny stunt from the get go. Just another way to point out the inherent narcissism that many poets have.

I'm guilty of having a Google alert set up for my name, too.