Sunday, December 21, 2008

Books I Bought Yesterday

Yesterday at Powell's I bought:

The Battlefield Where The Moon Says I Love You - Frank Stanford
The Anger Scale - Katie Degentesh
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Tao Lin
Annoying Diabetic Bitch - Sharon Mesmer

I think my friends all have copies of these books that I could borrow, but being around a decent indie/small press section worked me into a frenzy. My friend Kurt said I had a "book boner."

I wanted to buy My Vocabulary Did This To Me, but they don't have it.

Powell's has a section for Mud Luscious Press. P. H. Madore bought a copy of Brandi Wells' Patience and sent it to me. I liked it. Here is a picture from my phone of the Mud Luscious Press display:

Multimedia message on TwitPic

I like Portland, I want to move here.

There are little kids saying, "Daddy, look at that man in the sleeping bag, what is he doing? Hahahahaha." Uncomfortable.

I'm going to try to meet up with Kegan and Melissa for some coffee or something today. It's not snowing anymore. But the snow isn't going anywhere, it's 20 degrees. But it makes the city look really ornate but somehow subdued. I feel like a tourist who is trying not to look like a tourist.

Today I want to go back to Powell's and then maybe to Reading Frenzy or something. If you are in Portland and you want to hang out or something, my phone # is 541.646.0900. Send me a text message. Don't call it because I don't answer if I don't recognize the #.


Mike Young said...

Those are all really good books. Battlefield is a religion of a text.

j. a. tyler said...

thanks for the pic of the ml press display. I hadn't seen it. glad phm sent you PATIENCE. brandi wells is great.

I need to get BATTLEFIELD too, I have heard nothing but postive comments.

Bryan Coffelt said...

J.A -

It was good seeing the ml display in Powell's. They seem to be strong supporters of indie lit.

A.S. Galvan said...

When Jess came to visit me while I was living in PDX, we went to Powell's and I just kind of left her in the small/indie print section for a while.

If you have a plan, Portland is a wonderful town.

Brandi Wells said...

wish there was a bookstore-bookstore around here. i went into books a million and they had maybe 72 copies of The Lovely Bones.

indolent mendicant said...

Book boner.