Thursday, January 8, 2009


This is something I should have done at least a week ago when Mike Young tagged me. He tagged me to say 7 things about myself. I guess I'll write 7 honest things even if they are embarrassing or make me sound like a vapid asshole.

1. I like pretty much any French thing. If I could, I would make a smoothie out of Jean-Luc Godard, Ana Karina (even though she was born in Denmark), the song "Ne Me Quitte Pas" (even though it was written by a Belgian), French kisses, Marcel Duchamp, my French press, and Jean-Paul Sartre.

2. I have wanted an iPhone for a long time and I somehow convinced myself that something terrible would happen to me and I would never get one before I died. But I'm supposed to get one tomorrow, and barring a Biggie-sized self-fulfilling prophecy, there will be one less imagined reality to give me anxiety.

3. I'm worried that much of what I think are "intelligent contributions to conversations" are really just a bunch of jumbled thoughts that seem connected in my mind but sound like the ramblings of a drunken homeless man when I say them out loud. Sometimes I feel like I have "figured something out" and I have a physiological reaction to this emotion. It feels like a screen in a video game that indicates that you have solved a puzzle.

4. I have become a really, really patient person when it comes to dealing with unpleasant things. I never used to consider myself "patient," but now I just bury whatever immediate words that come to mind when dealing with unpleasant circumstances deep down inside because it usually doesn't help to say them immediately.

5. Sometimes I resent my friends and then later I feel like a huge piece of selfish shit for resenting them. If you are my friend, chances are at one point I have resented you. Sorry. I think it's a coping mechanism or something.

6. The other day I ate a breakfast burrito when I was naked in the bathroom before I got in the shower. It felt like a very vulgar and absurd thing. I think I laughed out loud and looked in the bathroom mirror. Don't judge me. I was running late.

7. The song "Time to Pretend" by MGMT makes me feel scared and gives me existential anxiety even though I should just want to dance to it. I miss the dance parties we used to have when I was in college. I think they kept me grounded and helped me to "live in the moment."

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Genevieve said...

Jacques Brel is super cool.