Thursday, January 15, 2009

Benjamin Buchholz's Thirteen Stares and Mary Miller's Less Shiny from Magic Helicopter Press

I just finished reading Benjamin Buchholz's Thirteen Stares this morning. All the poems are trenchant, mini-exposés that parse curiosity/love/life from war/dust/blood/shit.

The poems attempt to circumvent the obvious -- to navigate sand and wreckage and ghosts while reminding the reader that there are other things people obsess over, like Xboxes and Victoria's Secret.

Read the poem "Thirteen Stares."

You can buy it here for 6 bucks.

The stories in Mary Miller's Less Shiny remind me how I want to write. They do what a good short story should do: capture a chunk of time. But they do it in a way that is not "systematic" or "contrived."

To me, not all moments have a definable "beginning" and "end" -- there should be a different way to describe them. Mary Miller's stories make me think that she's hyperaware of a moment's "third dimension" or something.

Read the story "This Boy I Loved a Rock."

You can buy it here for 6 bucks.

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