Friday, January 23, 2009

I Liked Tao Lin's Last Blog Post...

...but he deleted it. I think it deserves a second chance at life on the internet because I think the questions are good questions. I feel the same way about many things -- not necessarily the blog readership, but much of the general alienation caused, I think, by the internet or something.

So I will reproduce it in its entirety -- if Tao asks me, I'll pull it down. I hope this isn't terribly inappropriate.

am i anything without this blog

am i more or less 'rounded' as a character without the internet

do my books mean anything, do they do anything

am i going to be okay or am i going to kill myself

why do i feel that nothing is concrete, why is everything an abstraction to me if i haven't had coffee in the last two hours

does this blog's existence cause me to eat more or less carbohydrates

what percentage of my diet is organic, is it really 90-95%

do manatees distinguish between the world of phenomena and the metaphysical world, is a dog or hamster just an abstraction to another dog or hamster

do hamsters believe there is good or bad in art

do i view the world in terms of a one-dimensional spectrum where one end-point is labeled 'funny'

do i still have feelings if i believe i am an abstraction

am i still severely depressed if i keep thinking 'haha'

what will happen when don delillo dies

does a major catastrophe exist that would cause me to blog about it on this blog

has anyone ever thought 'i honestly want an asteroid to fall on me and destroy me right now' and then gotten hit by an asteroid, has anyone even ever been hit by an asteroid that killed them, does that even happen or should i stop wanting that

for how much longer can the tone of this blog be sustained

is this blog sustainable, can this blog die, like can hits go down to zero

hits are increasing, but why do i feel sad

are hits not the answer to happiness, i feel confused, how many hits are required, what numbers are acceptable to tao lin, are his neurotransmitters going to do something or something or just not do anything or something

do i both mean and not mean everything i say on this blog

is there a new tone being created or did people write books like this in 1200 and 1500 and they just didn't gain a large enough readership or be taught by knights and priests and so went very out-of-print and do not exist anymore

how many units has this blog contributed to moving, is this blog a financial success

do people believe that this blog is moral within a moral worldview, not moral within an existential worldview, is there philosophical confusion within this blog's readership

is my worldview not contained within each sentence that i publish on the internet

should i use more adverbs

should i disown several of my books, i can delete them from my wikipedia page and they won't exist as much anymore, should i edit my oeuvre as i edit everything else i effect on the universe

how many friends have i made due to this blog

will this blog ever have a period of exponential growth

where did the tone of this blog come from

do people that i would like dislike this blog, have i created an internet persona that alienates a number of people that i could, like, hang out with and not feel bad

copy and paste the above questions into a 'new post' in your blogger account then type your answers to those questions and tag five to ten other people, pressuring them to also answer the questions on their own blogs, at the bottom of this post i will maybe link every blog that participates in this meme

*disclaimer* questions are specific to 'reader of depressing books' not any other blog *disclaimer*

i tag: gawker, hipster runoff, michelle williams, tom hanks super fan, ron silliman, chris killen

End block quote.

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