Monday, January 26, 2009

Part of a Funny Gmail Chat Mike Young and I had on Halloween in 2006

I just found this as I was looking for an old email. I thought it was funny.

12:51 PM me: i think our society should adopt the idea of "obsoletion" though it is not a real word. i think our society is in a perpetual state of obsoletion.
12:52 PM Mike: For sure.
What do you mean adopt?
Don't we already have that attitude?
12:53 PM me: well i want us to name it that.
Mike: A lot has been written about modern technological cylces influencing stuff like cultural cycles and generating a society that sees things as instantly obsolete.
I dunno if people use the world obsoletion tho.
It's a good word.
me: i see hans. he is dressed as a soldier. i think it's hans
yes, it's hans
Mike: Hurrah!
I am a blind jackhammer operator.
me: hahahaha
12:54 PM Mike: We need to clean the house before our Halloween party.
me: question: in MLA do you put header (last name and pg. #) on the works cited?
yes i know
Mike: Yes.
me: k
thought so
12:55 PM Mike: I like this rhetoric essay I did.
I think it works well.
12:56 PM Jane seems like quite the stickler.
With papers and such.
Almost as bad as Tom.
We have good discussions in class tho.
me: srry i didn't get the first part of that
12:57 PM Mike: Jane seems like quite the stickler.
With papers and such.
me: i just got "we have good discussions in class tho"
what did you say before that
Mike: Jane seems like quite the stickler.
With papers and such.
I chasistised her today for seeing the Green party's platform in binary ideological opposition to mainstream ideology. I said that the idea of binary ideologies is antiquated.
12:58 PM Even tho it's a superficial political reality right now.
Who did binaries?
Baulliard or Derrida?
me: yes. binary ideologies are easy though.
probably derrida
Mike: sorry
now I lost everything
me: wasn't beaudrillard the simulacra simulacrum?
12:59 PM Mike: Yes.
Good call.
me: hey, let's play a fun game: you have three guesses to guess what that lily girl is going to be for halloween
1:00 PM ready, go
Mike: a goth
me: no
think, man!
Mike: oh
marilyn monroe?
me: as soon as she said it, i was like, oh that fits.
Mike: good call
1:01 PM me: i told her kelsey was going as jackie kennedy
and then i told her they should fight to the death
hehe jk
1:02 PM Mike: hahaha

6 minutes
1:08 PM me: what is an aspect of our society that is deteriorating to a point of no return?
8 minutes
1:16 PM me: well i'm gonna go. catch you later


Mike Young said...

i sounds like a bitch

Bryan Coffelt said...

naw, you sound eager. i sound like an ignorant fuck.