Monday, February 9, 2009

Not @ AWP: Day 1 - In Closing

11:08 PM -- I am following the "drama" of Chris Brown's alleged (low-speed) chase on Twitter. ( It's a white Bentley going like, 40 mph, obeying most traffic laws.

I'm drinking some red wine (merlot) trying to be conscious of all the things that are happening around me. The news just said that FBI agents are "on the scene" at the peanut processing plant that apparently gave people salmonella. FBI agents. Are at a peanut processing plant.

I just watched the trailer for Coraline and I think I want to watch it because apparently 1.) they used real sets/clay models or something 2.) the setting is based, partly, on Ashland, OR.

My girlfriend just asked me what I was blogging about and giggled when I told her I was doing a blog about not being @ AWP. This concludes Day 1 of Not @ AWP. (Even though it's not until Wednesday or whatever. Concludes Day 1 of Pre-Not @ AWP.)

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