Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not @ AWP: Day 2 - In Closing

I watched the rest of Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. I am now trying to watch something else. Here are a few post-metaphysical, post-dunderhead, post-fucktorial travel beard trimming kit words that I have found in the past week or so (all of these are from o-blēk 12: Technique.):

"One principle of literary history maintains that when a new awareness of writing appears it must destroy the standards and accomplishments of the existing or antecendent writing. Progress, or at least change, must be destructive first and assertive second." -- Robert Bertholf

I myself don't think I've ever wanted to write for Poetry or any other single cause, save, perhaps for Gnosis. But, as I was pointedly reminded by the gnostic anti-gnostic Seung Sahn, "understanding cannot help you." -- Jessee Abbot

For me, the fire of poetry emerges from a well-strung arrangement of words, words that are orchestrated, words that are stolen, words that are sharp. I have occasionally been accused of being a romantic (in the sense that I am obsesses with extravagantly archaic doctrines of poetry), and in truth, poetry for me very much hinges on elements which I do not necessarily understand and which I cannot define rationally. (Here I mean dreams, ghosts, collective thought, and language as a somewhat animate creature.) I do not say this out of some sense of righteousness. I would rather have it that poetry was a curiosity than a religion — a game as opposed to a quest." -- Lisa Jarnot

Okay. There are scary faces on my other computer monitor. There are scary faces about you all floating through my optic nerves now, too. Tomorrow I may bring around the Pound that I was considering earlier. I will simply quote it and maybe not put any kind of critical response up next to it.

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