Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Upcoming Poetry Events In Ashland, OR


West Wind Review release party at 7pm + "An Evening of Flarf"

Featuring Poets of the Flarf Collective:
Gary Sullivan
Nada Gordon
Mel Nichols
Rod Smith
K. Silem Mohammad

@ Bohemia Gallery
552 A Street

Free for students, $10 suggested donation for everyone else. I think there will be free wine.



Emergent Forms Reading Featuring Mel Nichols and Rod Smith

@ Bohemia Gallery, 7pm

Free for students, $10 suggested donation for general public.

Some winery will be pouring. I think it's Paschal.



SOAR Creative Writing Reading Session

Corynn Del Core, Rayleen Gardner, Tiffany McCormack, Jess Rowan, Sophie Sauzeau, Lacey Hunter, Lisa Hubbell, Kandy Rachwalski, and Maurice Burford read from their original work.

When: 10:00 AM
Where: Room 330 in the Stevenson Union at the SOU campus

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Things Are Happening Very Fast

Things Are Happening Very Fast: A Timeline

1. Quit job due to unsatisfactory working conditions and lack of adequate neural stimulation - (5/8/2009)

This was planned.

2. Moving out of apartment intending to live with girlfriend - (move out date is 5/31/2009)

This was planned.

3. 3-year relationship with girlfriend comes to an end - (5/8/2009)

This was not planned.

4. Will live on couches or sleep in my car or camp all summer - (dates and places TBD)

This was not planned.

5. Will earn income doing things I like, though it won't be a steady income - (dates of employment TBD)

This was planned.

6. Going to Portland to see Grizzly Bear and St. Vincent - (5/24/2009 - 5/26/2009)

This is planned.

7. Seeing Wilco at the Britt Festival if I can get a ticket - (6/30/2009)

This is planned.

8. Seeing Sonic Youth in Portland if I can get a ticket - (7/28/2009)

This is planned.

9. Moving to Portland to start MA program in Publishing - (c. August 2009)

This was planned.

10. ? - (September 2009 - end of life)

This is not planned.

Friday, May 15, 2009

i made my first post at "inknode"


there it is.

i feel really drunk right now. just talked to some high school friends on facebook. feel like a dragonfly fighting oscar de la hoya -- feel like a mosaic basically "in arms."

good night.