Tuesday, June 30, 2009

3 new stupid short poems

Today Is The Day That We Are Made Whole Again By Watching Google Finance

We will let the teeth of the graph chew on our eyeballs while we search
for abbreviated names. We will grab each other's wrists and say "devalued"
in shocked tones. We will turn Excel spreadsheets into anarchy signs
by shading different cells.

Today Is The Day You Will Find The Public Transportation System Inside Of Me

You need to take the 9 through my skin and then hold on to my ventricles.
You need to take the free hang glider through my lungs.
You need to catch a whale to my asshole.
Then take the train to my septum.
After that, if you see a recognizable landmark, call me.
I'll come out and wave.

Today Is The Day I Become A Man By Envisioning Myself As The Kind of Person Who Would Slap A Strange Girl's Ass

This is the day my crotch has made, let us rejoice and be glad. The Coldwell Banker office across the street features a seal and windows like molars. I wipe, and my hand is autotuned. The sun is hosting 80s night and boasts a big crowd of 18 year olds. My hand is rocketesque; smells of Kennedy Space Center. I move my left leg over to where my right leg is and pretend to make my knees French kiss. I see you and I feel like a big anus pouring out concrete for highways. I feel extremely moved by your mysterious iChat icon. Then I feel a bridge being built inside my ventricles and I think "Animal Collective." I fight that off, then I "walk home."

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Mo said...

fucking awesome.