Friday, August 14, 2009

a pulling from the inside downward or to wherever

profiles / cables / robber barons
tenderized skin --
kept eyes focused on one
thing for too long --
now myths come from lights
not steel.

the new spectrum
is orange divided by drab
is eyes -- lookit
is getting into bed with
and gutting, or at least
juggling future tumors --

april / adorned with -- the blossoms
adorned with -- the pallor, the guilty
erasing tingly wi-fi
dying fingers
/ adorned with --
the bricks the harvard bricks, suited
adorned with -- doggie-style analog
spectrum -- the being mule-like of it --
adorned with --
reunions & reunions & reunions

a glowing
stuck in walls --
a dead president-shaped pockmark
the cone-shaped lights -- what about
the star holes? the quarter turns?
coming out
of eyes again.

chimes in /
codified--here, bramble--here
a pulling. an automation of
a pulling. this constant tugging
and slipping. here, the blurring.
tucking into, but not always an absorbing
and a rejection of blurring. raging after overlap

being of brick mind
tussling skin with skin /
skin without walls / skin without
repercussions / skin with no
say so -- patched breath in
4/4 xanax time --
pulling at the center skin with --

the remaster
went god through
eye, wincingly.
tarot god/banned god/muscleman god
bloody god
weaving skin to skin
skin to wood to cement
wincing "god"
dream breaths through
interstate churn rate of dreams
rate of skin to skin

confusion of skin
confusion of heart skin
teething on nails
"gaze to gaze"
on proof talkers -- nurturing
the blind-skinned.
catching with coated strings
showered by foiled dermis
raped dermis -- edge skin
polyunsaturated skin

hilled-in americorp spider skin /
silky hole
forth carotid
horrid-skinned trophy hole
vampire-blue maslow skin
to bark/at.
to realize to fold to.
to skin/at.

horizon of skin
not merging -- syncing with
containing or guarding
sometimes busting out losing
quivering hole,
starry-eyed silhouetted adult-size skins
taking the fight out of / us
flat world-enders cartwheeling
tucking in. tackling with our
ins and outs of / it
then branching.

"when alone, skin would fall," and
truly acting more possible,
land for breath. metal-choked hollow
would flap. skin-ended memories with well tears
with hang down disciples. attending to / us.

the spilling of skin into skin
fingerprints to glass to
feel good --
wetness opts for sun / to
lined highway, opting for flatness
then noise, dirt rubbing on
auxiliary skin to free bone.
skin mixing with air
smoking skin, a plume of it
the wavy shadow fighting off
the blue around it.

the bureaucracy of pigment
traces to hold in --
colliding with blood and shit
dancing to brand one / chains
draping the vision and
coughing bones into mud.
horizon-shaped bones / all of them.

skin memory
driving to evoke a notion of skin --
harboring terse verdicts in
the chest. in terms of mixing skin --
"to dream in skin with flowing hot blood."

pressure to push forward
in pulsing -- unforgivably
so checking so tense / marked
the handle of the refrigerated.
in / on triangles.

tender bridges all thinking bridges
the strictest dark -- cold
pulled foam through sequences
"through limp causeways of the
strongest of our handshakes"

lying in foam / there disintegrating
god masks -- a hate cave of fire
stainless steel appliances dangling
adhering to faces / to wiggle free of
/ to queue in fire / to pool / to persist
in and out of flames. to with.
clacking "why" with feet curling --
"why" with body stones, with dimples.

alienated breathing --
habits involving the insides and
curling up for despair
to push between / to mix freely
with other dusts
flashing radio-flyer eyes / cash checking
feverish tiltedness --
the moon is so important right now

11:15 pm: qvc is the atmosphere
in pepsi, in jugulars, in gutters --
judgments of wrinkles
take down notices dig to gut.
drape blue over / eyes quiet.
again, the tug. tugged.
beasts of breathing toss and toss and toss.

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