Sunday, September 6, 2009

Some Things That Will Occur In The Near Future

9/6/2009 - This is today. Today is a blank day.

9/7/2009 - This is my last day of work at the airport. I will be here from 8am to 12pm and I will probably just read blogs and drink coffee. Then I will gather some things from my parents house and drive up to Ashland. This will likely be my last night in Ashland.

9/8/2009 - I think I will wake up early this day and pick up my friend Corey. We will drive a few hours to the Sky Lakes Wilderness and backpack for 2 nights and 3 days.

9/9/2009 - Will probably be camping and hiking.

9/10/2009 - We will return from hiking in the Sky Lakes Wilderness. I will drive back to Weed and try to pack my belongings. Might pick up a U-Haul truck on this day.

9/11/2009 - I will pack all of my stuff into the U-Haul and drive to Portland. There is a possibility I will stop at a few places on the way. When I get to my new apartment, I will unpack my things from the U-Haul and then probably return the U-Haul to "Stan's Restaurant Equipment" -- a business that seems to offer both restaurant equipment and U-Haul trucks. At some point during the day I will think "9/11 -- Never Forget." After I drop off the U-Haul and return to my apartment I will begin the process of "trying to get used to things." This may take several weeks or even months.

9/12/2009 - 9/27/2009 - These are blank days.

9/28/2009 - On this day I will start grad school at PSU and feel a little bit overwhelmed but hopefully calm and serious.

9/29/2009 - ? As of right now these are blank days.


DJ Berndt said...

Blank days are the best and the worst.

jess rowan said...

this comforts me.

Annie Lo said...

Hey, well to fill up some of that blankness: Noah Simons still lives in Portland and attends PSU. He still is making music, I remember you guys jammed once. You guys should collaborate.
This will refresh your memory:

I grew up in Portland and attended PSU briefly and the english class I took was phenomenal, but it was the only one I liked. I took a course on Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson. Enjoy the goddamn crazy music scene, that is the biggest thing I miss. Good luck and god's speed.

Bryan Coffelt said...

It turns out that "Stan's Restaurant Equipment" is basically a trailer populated by several dudes in their early 20s who apparently run a U-Haul operation. It reminded me a lot of The Lost Boys.