Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hey, Paul Zukofsky!

Instead of putting out stupid notices, maybe you should try to get some of your dad's poems back into print!

Have you ever heard of royalties?

No? Okay, well you should ask your lawyer how that works.

No, no, poets are not usually known for their fat pockets.

No, your dad was not Lil Wayne.

It is unlikely that your current position will cause you to be popping mad Cris.

No, but you might be able to have some walking around money.

Maybe you could even get some big boy money!

I'd sure love to buy a copy of your dad's book "A", but it's, like, impossible to find, yo!

Please rethink your position, dude.

-Bryan Coffelt


Maurice Burford said...


phaneronoemikon said...

Impossible to Find A?

Have a copy
in less than 15 seconds..

Have mine..
or Better yet
go to

and choose from a horde
of stolen books on-line!

come on..
surely you don't need to read a book that starts off in a choir loft?

It's not that great really.

Bryan Coffelt said...

It's $100 on!

I like the thing -- good little web-based library.

The only person I know who has a copy of "A" is Kasey, and I'd feel a little rude (just a little) sitting in his living room for a month reading it.

phaneronoemikon said...

I paid for 30 for mine
at Powells, and it was only like 2005 or something. Has poetry suddenly become popular?

Bryan Coffelt said...

I checked Powell's the other day and they don't have ANY Zukofsky.

I doubt poetry is becoming popular. It's quite boring.

Vance Maverick said...

They've got the recent Selected (and more). But it would be good for us and Paul both if "A" were back in print.

Bryan Coffelt said...


I totally agree.

r said...

I was going to share the $10,000,000 advance for my movie adaptation of Louis Zukofsky's Bottom: On Shakespeare. But now, I dunno.

Bryan Coffelt said...

I don't know who you are, but I think you should share. My credit card company will thank you.