Saturday, November 21, 2009

from something kind of like a story that i am working on

I crawled into her - well
I tried to crawl into her
but she had a gate and I
could only point upward
and tell her to look for
the wings - that the wings
were a sure sign that we
would soon be free or at
least we could eat and
that is a form of freedom.

I could not tell her how
much I wanted to crawl
inside of her and take
over but also kind of
share an existence
because it is too hard to
experience existence as
a singular creature and
we would be more adept
at catching angels if she
would just let me in.


rodney k said...

I like this, Bryan. Keep rolling!

Bryan Coffelt said...

Thanks, Rodney. Glad you like it. We should meet up at some point for a coffee or a beer or something one of these days. Maybe after finals?

Annie Lo said...

I like it.