Monday, August 24, 2009

New Message From

Hey Tara, this is David Gates, Just wanted to give you a heads up and let you know what's going on, and I want to close. Tonight I'm gonna be bringing Stevens card and early early in the morning and dropping it at your place and taking someone to here to the airport in a different car in the coming back to your place because I want to go put some gas and Stevens car and maybe wash it. So if your place is opened and see you if you're around, and so if it's car there. Is there any. I don't know what's going on that calling and the house. I will let you know what's going out. I'll talk to you in the morning of move. I'm rambling already trying to get the Hi, Okay Sweetie, Hope you having fun and I will connect with you one way or another. Tomorrow will. Thanks.


(Voicemail from someone who called my Google Voice number (503) 770-0059 -- Transcribed by Google Voice)

Call my Google Voice # and leave me a message. I will post the most interesting transcriptions on this blog. My #: (503) 770-0059

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What The Fuck Have You Been Listening To This Summer?

This is a list of the music I've enjoyed this summer. It's not all new music. Some of it is. There is not an order to it. Please tell me what the fuck you have been listening to.

The-Dream - Love vs. Money This album has singles inside of its singles. I'm so fucking smitten with the entire album. It's going to find its way onto my top 10 list for the year, no doubt. The production is very elaborate but classy -- nowhere near the gaudy production many R&B or Hip Hop albums have been riddled with lately. Top shelf shit. And I'm so fucking close to saying that The-Dream has out Kells'd Kells. Anyway, there is no excuse for not owning this album. Why this entire album has not got front to back play, beats the fuck out of me.

Love Vs Money

Drake - "Best I Ever Had" A lot of people have been complaining that they have heard this song too many times this summer on the radio, but that is fucking bullshit. "You da you da best" is not the same sentiment as "You da fuckin' best / You da fuckin' best." And also, "She call me the referee cause I be so official / My shirt ain't got no stripes but I can make yo pussy whiiiiiistle." Just sayin' -- you should probably get this song soon before your sad-ass summer is over.

Best I Ever Had - Drake

Jay-Z feat. Kanye & Rihanna - "Run This Town" Okay, everyone's hatin' on Hov sayin' Ye killed it on this one -- outdid Jigga. I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say that Jay-Z destroys this track. He knows what he is doing. He knows he's not an "up and comer." He's a "has that, knows that, does that." Kanye can keep the RAV4 line. It's clever, yeah, and I'm not saying he doesn't deserve some recognition for the surprisingly witty verses he's been dropping lately (the "beasting off the riesling" line is fucking dope), but Hov owns it with the repetition. Stamps it. It's a reiteration of his best-ness. He lets you know from the get go "We are / Yeah I said it / We are" -- then he just throws it all in one basket "All black everything / Black cards, black cars / All black everything" -- "Run This Town" is not a rap, it's a fucking proclamation. It's just a reminder to us. All black everything? That's all I need to know.

Run This Town (ft. Kanye West & Rihanna) - Jay-Z

Rob Roy - King Warrior Magician Lover "Pussy in my lap / bird in the sack/ fur in my cap" This album has all kinds of *new and hot* written all over it. Not sure if Rob Roy was shooting for avant-garde, but with this album he has carved out a new corner of hip hop that I'm happy to wander into. He requires your rapt attention, but fear not, this shit is fucking compelling.

Fur In My Cap - Rob Roy

Roy Orbison - "Crying" I made a conscious decision to revisit this song in a certain state on 6/4/2009 and I have been listening to it throughout the summer with mixed results. Sometimes when I hear it I kind of cry and sometimes when I hear it I just enjoy the idea of Roy Orbison and his amazing voice.

Crying - Roy Orbison

Slim Thug - "Thug" I think this song has changed my view on what I want in my life. Since I started listening to this song I've decided that I want a flat screen TV and a Range Rover. This song has been pretty good for me. I don't think the song mentions a flat screen TV or a Range Rover, but the beat implies a flat screen TV and a Range Rover. This song made me want to visit Houston, too.

Thug - Slim Thug

Flo Rida - "Right Round" I don't really care what any of you say. This song almost made me dance out of a movie theater when it was playing during the credits the other day. I don't think I have ever done that. It is so fucking well paced and the vocals are well placed. I feel really good when I hear this song. The chorus makes me especially happy. I like the vocal modulation in the chorus "From the top of the pole I watch her go (vocals drop down at least a step) down / She's got me throwin' my money a (vocals drop down at least a step) round" I don't know. Love it.

Right Round-Flo Rida.mp3 - Flo Rida

Japandroids - Post-Nothing I feel like this is the most earnest noise rock album I've ever heard. Lyrics like "We run the gauntlet / must get to France / so we can French kiss some French girls" (Wet Hair) and "We used to dream / now we worry about dying ///// I don't wanna worry about dying / I just wanna worry about those sunshine girls" (Young Hearts Spark Fire) I don't know, maybe I've watched too many Jean-Luc Godard movies in the past year, but every time I hear "French girl" or "sunshine girls" in this album I just think of Anna Karina. And fuck, how bad can an album be if it constantly conjures Anna Karina?


Pistol Camera

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A sniper who has the pistol is Ryu Koakimoto-san.

Friday, August 14, 2009

a pulling from the inside downward or to wherever

profiles / cables / robber barons
tenderized skin --
kept eyes focused on one
thing for too long --
now myths come from lights
not steel.

the new spectrum
is orange divided by drab
is eyes -- lookit
is getting into bed with
and gutting, or at least
juggling future tumors --

april / adorned with -- the blossoms
adorned with -- the pallor, the guilty
erasing tingly wi-fi
dying fingers
/ adorned with --
the bricks the harvard bricks, suited
adorned with -- doggie-style analog
spectrum -- the being mule-like of it --
adorned with --
reunions & reunions & reunions

a glowing
stuck in walls --
a dead president-shaped pockmark
the cone-shaped lights -- what about
the star holes? the quarter turns?
coming out
of eyes again.

chimes in /
codified--here, bramble--here
a pulling. an automation of
a pulling. this constant tugging
and slipping. here, the blurring.
tucking into, but not always an absorbing
and a rejection of blurring. raging after overlap

being of brick mind
tussling skin with skin /
skin without walls / skin without
repercussions / skin with no
say so -- patched breath in
4/4 xanax time --
pulling at the center skin with --

the remaster
went god through
eye, wincingly.
tarot god/banned god/muscleman god
bloody god
weaving skin to skin
skin to wood to cement
wincing "god"
dream breaths through
interstate churn rate of dreams
rate of skin to skin

confusion of skin
confusion of heart skin
teething on nails
"gaze to gaze"
on proof talkers -- nurturing
the blind-skinned.
catching with coated strings
showered by foiled dermis
raped dermis -- edge skin
polyunsaturated skin

hilled-in americorp spider skin /
silky hole
forth carotid
horrid-skinned trophy hole
vampire-blue maslow skin
to bark/at.
to realize to fold to.
to skin/at.

horizon of skin
not merging -- syncing with
containing or guarding
sometimes busting out losing
quivering hole,
starry-eyed silhouetted adult-size skins
taking the fight out of / us
flat world-enders cartwheeling
tucking in. tackling with our
ins and outs of / it
then branching.

"when alone, skin would fall," and
truly acting more possible,
land for breath. metal-choked hollow
would flap. skin-ended memories with well tears
with hang down disciples. attending to / us.

the spilling of skin into skin
fingerprints to glass to
feel good --
wetness opts for sun / to
lined highway, opting for flatness
then noise, dirt rubbing on
auxiliary skin to free bone.
skin mixing with air
smoking skin, a plume of it
the wavy shadow fighting off
the blue around it.

the bureaucracy of pigment
traces to hold in --
colliding with blood and shit
dancing to brand one / chains
draping the vision and
coughing bones into mud.
horizon-shaped bones / all of them.

skin memory
driving to evoke a notion of skin --
harboring terse verdicts in
the chest. in terms of mixing skin --
"to dream in skin with flowing hot blood."

pressure to push forward
in pulsing -- unforgivably
so checking so tense / marked
the handle of the refrigerated.
in / on triangles.

tender bridges all thinking bridges
the strictest dark -- cold
pulled foam through sequences
"through limp causeways of the
strongest of our handshakes"

lying in foam / there disintegrating
god masks -- a hate cave of fire
stainless steel appliances dangling
adhering to faces / to wiggle free of
/ to queue in fire / to pool / to persist
in and out of flames. to with.
clacking "why" with feet curling --
"why" with body stones, with dimples.

alienated breathing --
habits involving the insides and
curling up for despair
to push between / to mix freely
with other dusts
flashing radio-flyer eyes / cash checking
feverish tiltedness --
the moon is so important right now

11:15 pm: qvc is the atmosphere
in pepsi, in jugulars, in gutters --
judgments of wrinkles
take down notices dig to gut.
drape blue over / eyes quiet.
again, the tug. tugged.
beasts of breathing toss and toss and toss.