Saturday, January 16, 2010

At night. You read and you scream false at passing fire. You tear hearts out of passing cars and you say what the fuck at angry haters. And all I want is fucking fuck, hear me?

I say I regret life, I analyze, I do comparisons. I tear down Taco Bells without. Bitches snowball to you and send. They crash in flip flops, dangling hahaha. You hear me, you poll your friends. Scenes own us, fuck.

A matador screens our street sweepers. I mean, us. They say okay, fight! You kill me with your
bitch fuck what the fuck sauce. I come flailing through the night. I scream hahaha, I feel you but I don't feel you. I scream hahaha, I seem slower.

But mattresses don't discuss private stuff, but they kill yo ass. They fuck and spatter they hold
you really close to the ground.