Friday, January 8, 2010

But yeah, I guess I do believe in whimsy. Like certain notes that certain brass instruments make, or whatever. It exists, I guess. Why, I don't know. It seems a little bit mean, right? Like, "here's all this shit, sorry for shoveling it into your lap. Here's a lollipop."

And thankfully there are bright lights, because what if there weren't, what if it was just kind of dim? Shadows wouldn't be as stark, but it would be harder to discern them. Fucking thank god for that star-like blur of distant street lamps etc.

Fucking thank god for billboards, McDonald's arches, last week's paper in the gutter. Fucking thank god for slurring bums, For Lease signs, and public displays of affection.


Brittany said...

i wish this website had a "like" option.

Maurice Burford said...

Thank fucking god for orange cats that play keyboard over our televised sorrows.