Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Am Going To Rant About How Terrible Umpqua Bank Is

All banks are terrible, but Umpqua Bank stands out as one of the worst. They recently initiated a policy to charge you $7 a day after five days of being overdrawn on top of their original overdraft fees. Now let's think about this for a minute. If I overdraw my account twice for two $2 purchases, I will be charged $70. Then, if I have been gone for two weeks, I will be assessed an additional $49. $119 for being $4 in the hole.

Recently, I was charged $84 worth of these $7/day fees on top of two $35 overdraft fees. I called the bank to protest, and told them I would pay the two $35 fees but I could not pay the $7/day fees. They would not waive them, even after I told them how embarrassed I felt for having to try to bargain with them, and that I felt like they were bleeding me dry.

And the worst part is their facade of friendliness. They act like they are some kind of saintly bank. Just terrible. I now have to go spend student loan money on ridiculous bank fees. This is why we need someone to regulate the banks. I know I'm not the only one affected by this blatant usury. Forget bank robbery -- they're the ones robbing us.



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Woody said...

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Kurt said...

This applies to every bank. The worse your credit is, the harder they ream you. However, if you have good credit, these fees don't exist. The more money you have, the less they take. Taxes work this way too.