Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Jim Behrle posted something hella deeeeeep, yo!

"I admire the silent poets."

What the fuck is a silent poet?

"I wish I could be a graceful force in poems, driven only by the word."

Okay, Father Behrle.

"...other poets' grotesque whirlygig of nonsense."

As opposed to your grotesque whirlygig of nonsense?

"I have a huge amount of respect for poetry and it bums me out when people disrespect it..."

Jesus, really? Why?

"I still like setting up chairs for events--I always have."

That seems like an okay thing.

"Which is just a way of saying I do do some nice things maybe once in a while while no one is looking."

Wait, setting up chairs is a nice thing? I am confused.

"And why would you want to sleep with me, silly? I don't want to manipulate you."

I don't know. I am even more confused. The chair thing?

"Maybe I used to be too much of a drunken scenester, maybe I thought I could just be everyone's friend and the Poem would like push the moon out of the way."

And now are you a sober antagonizer / drunken blog apologizer? Mmmhmm. Like, push the moon out of the way. Sad face.

"Anyway, it's just poems and it's just art and we live in America, where no one cares about either."

At least you got that right.