Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have only poked around in it a little bit, but it has some amazing work. Here's a complete list of authors:

Shane Allison, Brian Ang, Nathan Austin, Elizabeth Bachinsky, Daniel Bailey, Dave Barrett, Franklin Bruno, Marie Buck, Clint Burnham, Dereck Clemons, Jordan Davis, Nick Demske, Tiffany Denman, Brittany Dennison, Christopher DeWeese, Andrew Dieck, Brandon Downing, Cathy Eisenhower, Laura Elrick, Phil Estes, Michael Farrell, Angela Genusa, Judith Goldman, Jack Granath, Rob Halpern, Morgan Harlow, Uyen Hua, Katryn Hurtado, Genevieve Kaplan, Nicholas Karavatos, William Knight, D Sprung Kurilecz, Reb Livingston, Adrian C. Louis, Donato Mancini, Adam J Maynard, Philip Metres, Carol Mirakove, Christopher Mulrooney, Sara Mumolo, Sawako Nakayasu, Lance Newman, Amy Ng, Douglas Piccinnini, Ernesto Priego, Jessy Randall, Nicholas Michael Ravnikar, G. David Schwartz, Marcus Slease, Dawn Sueoka, Andrew Terhune, Wendy Trevino, Anna Vitale, James Wagner, and Grzegorz Wróblewski (trans. Adam Zdrodowski)

To get your hands on it:

Send check or money order for $12 + $2 s&h to:

West Wind Review
Stevenson Union Room 333
Southern Oregon University
1250 Siskiyou Blvd.
Ashland, OR 97520


Below, I've posted Daniel Bailey's poem (from the new West Wind Review) called "cool sestina." I'm kind of in love with this poem right now. Scroll down to the bottom for a vid of his entire reading (approx. 10 minutes) at the Ampersand Vintage gallery in Portland. Oh, and buy his book The Drunk Sonnets from Magic Helicopter Press.

cool sestina

i used to live on a street called washington street
now i live on lake street, which is super cool
lately i've been studying how to perform magic
tricks, which is hard. and hey, i still miss you
sometimes when i think about you and me, i feel like an idiot
but most of the time, i feel ok

i like to imagine what you're doing, and if you're ok
too. i always imagine you are. are you still on marsh street?
i liked marsh street, though our neighbors were all idiots
i couldn't stand them, though sometimes they were cool
like one time they gave us beers. i had to carry you
home. i laid you down on the bed, the magic

vs. lakers game on in the background. the magic
lost. you said, "come to bed, dan." i said, "ok,"
though i wasn't tired. i fell asleep next to you
i woke up to the sound of a motorcycle on the street
it was early. i got the paper. the air was sweet and cool
reading the paper makes me feel like an idiot

microwaving burritos makes me feel like an idiot
but that's what i did. i think microwaves are magic
as far as technologies go, microwaving is the coolest
i mean, the food isn't the best. it borders on ok,
but it saves time. it's like camping in the street
before leaving for work, i kissed you

on your sleeping cheek. i said, "i love you"
but that's all gone and now i feel like an idiot
i am the parade that veers off the street
and into the alley where the unmarked magicshop is,
and the marching band director gives the ok
for the band to rage into the gutter as fish, cool

and thrashing, spawning on an empty pack of kools
tossed behind the dumpster, birthing little me's and little you's
and maybe one little guttered me and you can make it ok
maybe, eventually, i can stop feeling like such an idiot
maybe we can buy a spell from melinda's hall of magik
maybe rain will carry us into the flooded streets

and if not into the streets, then into the sewer, to a cool pond
with lots of great food, and i don't believe in magic, but i
believe in you
please tell me i'm not an idiot. please tell me we will be ok

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DJ Berndt said...

That poem and video is awesome. Good job everyone.