Friday, September 10, 2010

Held in place by abstract concepts.

Credit card debt seems tangible.
"Being successful" has diminished value.
"Surviving" has increased value.
Why can't we just walk away from debt?
What is a "credit score"?
Perfect credit is worthless.
Shitty credit is worthless.
Mediocre credit is priceless.
Mediocrity is priceless.
The New Capitalism depends on the illusion of higher education.
No one makes anything.
You can not make $30 last a whole week.
There are robocalls.
Physical nudging of cellphone vibrating.
Credit card companies are actually rattling my leg every few hours.
Actually shaking me.
Physically assaulting me.
Email makes my leg vibrate.
Phone calls make my leg vibrate.
Twitter makes my leg vibrate.
Facebook makes my leg vibrate.
Instant messages make my leg vibrate.
Everything is privatized.
What does "privatize" mean?


Justin Rands said...

I read this and closed it fast. But then I thought I had seen something so I revisited the page. And, yes. I HAD seen something. Something absurd. Something horrifying. Something from your player on the right side of your page. It's true. You had played Justin Bieber 4 hours before I read this. This post has officially become irrelevant.

williez said...


Bryan Coffelt said...

Girlfriend's fault. I blame my girlfriend.